iPhone Case with 36 Built-in Games


  • High-quality colorful display for next-level gaming.
  • Tactile buttons for comfortable gaming sessions every single time.
  • Has its own battery which means it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery while you enjoy all those classic games.
  • The case protects the iPhone from all corners including the display and rear camera module.
  • Made with high-quality TPU materials.
  • Total of 36 classics for non-stop on the go entertainment.
  • Includes USB charging cable

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The Game Boy was and still is one of the best portable gaming consoles ever created, and I was a huge fan of the little green-screened machine back when I was a kid.

This new case not only offers plenty of games to enjoy, but it also has a color screen to play them on – something, not even the original Game Boy could manage.

There are 36 classics to enjoy on this case, and thanks to its TPU material you should also be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your iPhone is being kept safe and sound, too.

Available for any iPhone from the iPhone 6 and all the way to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, this case is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to keep their phone safe, but also wants to get their Game Boy nostalgia fix at the same time.

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