How do I connect my retroicebox?

Your console comes with an HDMI cable, power cable, and controller.

Connect your console to your HDTV using the provided HDMI cable.
Connect your controller(s) to an available USB port on your console.
Connect the provided power adapter to your console and plug into an outlet.
On your TV, select the input that is connected to your console.

How do I play a game?

Scroll left or right to cycle through the available systems, then select one with the “A” button. You can now scroll up and down through the list of available games, using “L” and “R” to skip pages at time. Select the game you wish to play with the “A” button. To play an Arcade game, press the “Select” button to add a coin.

How do I quit a game?

To quit a game that you are playing, press the “Start” and “Select” buttons simultaneously.


How do I fix a game that won’t launch or has graphical issues?

The retroicebox comes with multiple emulators for each system. If your game is having issues, try launching it again, but press A and/or B rapidly during the boot screen to configure options for the game. Select the second menu option “Select emulator for rom” and choose a different emulator than the default. Try each emulator to see if one works with your game. If a game does not work after going through all available emulators, don’t worry. We are constantly working on updates.

How do I turn off my retroicebox?

There is no need to turn the retroicebox off. It is designed to always be plugged in and draws minimal power, much less than the standard cable box. If you need to turn the console off in order to move it to another location, press the start button on the controller and navigate to the Quit menu option. From there, select Shutdown System, then wait a minute before unplugging the console.

How do I save my progress in games?

To save a game, simply press Select+R1. To load a saved game, launch the game and press Select+L1. retroicebox supports multiple game slots! To change a game slot, press Select+Left or Select+Right on the D-Pad.

My retroicebox is telling me to configure my controller. What do I do?

While your retroicebox should come pre-configured for the SNES Classic USB Gamepad, and NES Classic USB Gamepad, you could be presented with a configuration screen. You can also use an XBOX 360 or a PS3 controller. If so, see the button mappings below for configuration. You can press and hold a button to skip configuring it.

SNES Controller Mapping